Anglo-Bangkok treaty 1909. Root cause of the problems

January 17, 2008

                 This treaty which was formulated and signed in 1902 was ratified and implemented in 1909 .The treaty has illegally robbed and disrespectfully humiliated the sovereignty of malay states encompassing Kelantan,Kedah,Patani,Trengganu and Perak.This treaty was a blatant slapped right in the face of malay rulers then. It was clear hegemony and heavy handed policy and the highest degree of conspiracy of anti islam’s west, especially of super power United Kingdom upon  sovereign  states of malay kingdom. This act of illegal signing of the treaty was the root caused of Patani problems and brought anguish and permanent scar to our peoples. This illegal treaty  ought to be abrogated immediately. Any future negotiation bound to fail without revoking this treaty first.               

             The patani case is not the case of dissatisfied minority malays pleading for right of self determination or socio-economic grievances. It is far more implication than that. It is the case of defending the motherland from victorious invaders. The war is still not over yet.We are fighting for our freedom. 

              Immediately after the treaty were ratified the Siamese invaders never stopped plundering and massacring the malays and indulgingly enforcing a heavy handed tactics of genocidal.               

           Patani was malay heartland and soul of muslim in the Malay peninsula. It was the centre of muslim propagation and education activities in peninsula. Before being ravaged it was a beautiful and lovely country.It was known as the corridor of Mecca.               

            During the Japanese occupation in Malaya, Siam which collaborated with the Japs, should have been punished. But immediately after the occupation ended the Chinese in Malaya started to revolt under the cover of Malayan Communist Party. Resulted in British declaring emergency rule in Malaya. The communist were pushed to Patani area. British fearing the Siamese might supported MCP, collaborated with them to suppress Patani independence fighters in Kelantan. Several leaders were given detention orders. They were resticted to district of Pasir Puteh and one in Perak.This was done under the urging of Siamese government. Gempar was banned and Tengku Mahmood Muhyiddin was poison.Haji Sulong was martyred.                 

            The British were  fearing the emergence of communist influence in south east asia.If not handle carefully the Siamese might incline towards communist block.Hence the strategy was to win the heart of Siamese by all means. Patani again was left out. And this policy continue till after  independent. Malaya were inherited by colonial protégé. The policy of neglecting the plight of Patani malays never stopped.               

            The zionist-western masterplan originated long time ago. They have been suppressing muslim countries either by colonizing them or through neo-colonisation. They were very successful in using the local stooges to perpetuate their agendas in most of Islamic countries. They were successful in Turkey through attaturk, Arabia through wahabis, Pakistan through Jinnah and many other successes. Recently they have manipulated almost every event in Pakistan ,and control every leaders involved in the crisis. The reason is obvious.Pakistan is an islamic nuclear power. Through bhutto’s own admission they always consult their bosses in the west of whatever next step they are taking!! So the game here is who ever could promise better allegiance to them will be favoured and defended.                 

            They must have make mistake in killing Bhutto?  No,no. It was not. It was the most crafty and deliberate plan to destabilize Pakistan, otherwise, who ever won will beg  for their help to maintain law and orders. For Patani, we have been neglected and  made sacrifial lamb not only by big imperialist power, but also by our own malays and muslim brothers. No muslim countries ever want to seriously taking up Patani plight very seriously.There are some minimal humanitarian aids given. But worst still are our malay brethren in the archipelago.We are a very big and influential race. With the population of almost 300 million put together there are many thing we could have done together. But alas! Regional peace has taken priority than solving the blood  brethren problem.Unlike the arabs where they regards the Palestine issue as an arabs problems.              

            Who says this region will maintain stability if internal sensitive problem is not tackled. Remember, Patani was a sovereign state just hundred years ago! What the Siamese had done to us and their neighbours just kept quite; is like as if we are not human being and no right to exist!!! Look at what they did in Krisek mosque and at Takbai demonstration.More than 1000 muslim malays of Patani were missing at these incident.just like that!! If those were not massacre, what was it? Who cares?             After we retaliated and started fighting back many parties had pressured us to stop fighting and accept the negotiation and capitulate. We have learned many lesson since the day we lost the wars. When they(the thais) were weak it’s either they pretended wanting to negotiate or sought assistance from big powers! Don’t blame us for  the belligerency. This is the war of our survival.This time around there will be no stopping or slowing down until death determine our fate. This is our jihad .This jihad is a war to defend the very survival of the malays which is facing extinction in their own land. Be it in Indonesia or Malaysia. No body want to listen to us.           

           In fact we were not only left in limbo when the Thais exterminated us. Worst still most of the incidences in Malaysia were carried out with the help of Malaysian police !!!.Many of our activist were arrested by Malaysian and Thai Police right in front of neighbourhood and were handed over to Thai police.They were killed immediately after crossing the borders. But some others were even finished before reaching the border, right on the Malaysian soil!!!.We have the list of names of our brothers which had being executed upon the orders of kangaroo’s court. We even have the names of those police involved in these operations.Until now some special branch officers never stop  harassing and intimidating the patani activist.We were even threatened with ISA. Some already incarcerated.         

            No body seem to be proud of being called Malay. They prefer to be called Indonesian or Malaysian. Unlike the Malays in last century. They really care about Patani. Figures like Tun Sardon Jubir,Dr burhanuddin,Ahmad Bustamam,Abu Bakar Baqir and many others were among leaders which has shown concern and sensitivity on Patani. They were true-blue blood brothers who incessantly came to the called of SOS by Patani brothers. They even offer to fight together with patani brothers during the dusun nyior uprising.         

             But now even with so many distinguish figures in the higher authority in Malaysia whom their forefathers from patani, dares not admitting it!!.          

            Patani revolution is not what some people perceived as islamic terrorism as what al qaeda has been accused of. We are not terrorist neither notorious bandits like  the thai soldiers.Their trigger happy armies has been authorised by superiors to shoot as they deem necessary. We are freedom fighters whom some may regards as revamped version of an old sort of malay nationalist struggle base upon resentment of thai imperialist. It’s true but with jihad rhetorics whom indulge in seeking syahid for glory after death. We would be happy if we survived.That will enable us to taste the sweetness of freed nation.Otherwise we would be dreaming of achieving the highest degree of surving allah by jihad. These are the secrets of our strength.Right now the patani problem is still parochial and localized. But only times will show that in very near future it may aggravate to become global and regional issues. Period.  

Survival Melayu Patani dan Nusantara

December 26, 2007

               Ketika detik nadi bangsa melayu bergerak deras di bumi berdarah Patani (yang sedang berjuang membebaskan tanah air dari penjajah Siam) kita di kejutkan  dengan gegaran penunjuk-penunjuk perasaan orang-orang hindu yang dikenali dengan nama ‘HINDRAF’ atau Hindu right action force (Gera kan bertindak mempertahankan hak-hak hindu) di kuala lumpur. Seluruh bangsa melayu terbeliak biji mata tidak sangka orang-orang hindu di Malaysia begitu berani dan kurang ajar membuat tuntutan-tuntutan yang mencabar Islam dan orang-orang Melayu!!.

Hanya orang-orang islam yang dihanyut kan dengan arus kebendaan dunia sahaja yang tidak peka dengan penghinaan itu.             

                 Mereka mendakwa kerajaan Malaysia yang di dalangi oleh ekstrimis islam telah menjalankan ethnic cleansing atau genocide terhadap orang-orang hindu di Malaysia.Dalam lapuran mereka kapada United Nation menyatakan bahawa setiap hari orang-orang hindu dibunuh dan kuil-kuil diroboh secara zalim di negara itu. Mereka juga membuat tuntutan pampasan kewangan daripada kerajaan United Kingdom kerana membawa mereka ka Malaya secara paksa untuk menjadi kuli di Tanah Melayu diabad yang lalu.             

               Mereka menuntut supaya kerajaan Malaysia memberi layanan kapada orang hindu sama taraf dengan orang-orang islam. Mereka juga menuntut supaya kerajaan Malaysia menubuhkan Jabatan hal ehwal bukan islam saperti Jakim.          

            Ada tanda-tanda yang kebanyakan pemimpin politik melayu di Malaysia samaada takut kapada ugutan puak-puak hindu atau munkin mempunyai perkiraan politik untuk kepentingan partai masing-masing.Ada pemimpin islam yang berjanji untuk membina semula kesemua kuil-kuil yang di roboh jika partainya berkuasa.Dalam kelam kabut masaalah hindu ini timbul pula puak-puak kristian membantah larangan penggunaan perkataan allah bagi orang kristian.           

             Alangkah hina dan memalukan bagi mana-mana bangsa melayu yang tidak merasa terhina dengan tuduhan dan tuntutan itu.              

              Orang Patani pada tahun 2004 mengadakan tunjuk perasaan didepan balai polis Tabal kerana mendesak ingin tahu nasib enam orang pengawal kampung yang ditangkap oleh polis Thai. Mereka mengadu dan merayu kapada kerajaan  penjajah Thai supaya membebaskan keenam-enam pengawal kampung tersebut. Hanya dengan bersuara demikian mereka disuraikan dengan peluru bedil dan dibunuh secara kejam tanpa henti-henti hingga sekarang. Setiap hari orang-orang melayu (tuan punya tanah Bumi Patani) dibunuh, diburu dan beribu-ribu ditahan tanpa bicara  (ISA).   

  dsc04666.jpg        dsc04681.jpg

                      Penghinaan dan pembunuhan di Tabal,  demonstrasi rakyat Patani  

dsc04665.jpg     kresik01.jpg 

Kekejaman dan massacre oleh penjajah Siam di tabal dan masjid kerisik           

                    Sedangkan orang Hindu yang menuduh ekstrimis islam melaku ethnic cleansing dan memalu gendang perang dalam demonstrasi di Kuala Lumpur hanya  disuraikan dengan air gas pemedih mata. Dan hanya lima orang dikenakan ISA !!              

                  Kalau di Malaysia kerajaan melakukan ethnic cleansing maka apakah jadah istilah yang hendak beri pada apa yang berlaku di Patani?????         

                  Bukan lah maksud Patanikini memehak kapada kerajaan Malaysia, tetapi ingin memberi kesedaran pada orang-orang melayu di Malaysia yang kuasa masih lagi di tangan mereka.Jangan tunggu sampai jadi macam Patani baru mau bangun dan celek.Orang melayu Patani akan mudah terasa dengan apa sahaja nasib malang yang menimpa dan bakal menimpa bangsa melayu dimana saja.           

              Ramai orang melayu tidak tahu sejarah kejatuhan empayar dan kerajaan melayu disekitar segenting kera satu persatu sejak dua ratus lima puluh tahun lalu.           

               Kerajaan-kerajaan melayu duhulu yang di kenali dengan nama Ligor, Rundung,Terang,Cahaya, Gherbi, Bukit/Ujung Salang, Bendelung dan Singgora sekarang telah berubah menjadi Nakhorn Sri Thamarat, Ranong, Chaya, Trang, Krabi, Phuket, Patthalung dan Songkhla. Kesemuanya hanya berlaku dalam masa 250 tahun. Kesemua orang melayu dinegeri-negeri tersebut sudah tidak bisa berbahasa melayu dan redha di jajah Siam!!!!!!.Astaghfirullah, hanya baru dua ratus tahun lebih sahaja.             

                 Begitu juga Patani mula jatuh pada tahun 1786 .Tapi masih tidak berhenti berjuang hingga sekarang. Peperangan sekarang bukanlah yang terhebat pernah berlaku pada bumi Patani. Pada tahun 1831-32  penjajah Siam mengerah 300,000 tentera untuk berperang dengan Patani. Kerajaan British membantu dengan menyekat jalan laut Kedah-Trang, kerana Patani dibantu oleh Kedah Kelantan dan Trengganu untuk menyerang ikut jalan laut.  


                 Berikutnya si laknatullah penjajah British telah bersengkongkol dengan Siam membahagi-bahagikan bumi Patani pada tahun 1902 – 1909 dalam perjanjian Anglo-Bangkok treaty !!!

Dengan pengalaman yang telah lalu ini pantang bagi pejuang-pejuang Patani yang sebenar meminta bantuan dari kuasa-kuasa barat, Apa tah lagi untuk melantik mereka menjadi orang tengah dalam sebarang perundingan.             

Rakyat dan Mujahidin Patani lebih rela berperang habis-habisan dari  membenarkan diri di peralatkan oleh kuasa-kuasa atau NGO barat!!!.Awas mana-mana pejuang atau wakil pejuang yang sentiasa berusaha mencari jalan damai dengan pujukan dari luar negara.            

Ingatan ini juga harus diberi kapada kesemua pemimpin-pemimpin perjuangan supaya berhati-hati dengan bermacam-macam taktik yang diguna oleh musuh untuk menghentikan kebangkitan ini.                  

Kita harus ingat bahawa buat masa ini tidak ada siapa yang berminat untuk membantu kita hatta bangsa kita sendiri yang berada di Nusantara. Bangsa melayu tidak peka saperti bangsa-bangsa tua lain di dunia. Bangsa Cina ,India dan Yahudi, bahkan Arab pun tidak rela melihat bangsa mereka di tindas oleh bangsa lain,walau pun berada di berlainan negara.

Baru-baru ini kita di beritau oleh pemimpin melayu di Malaysia tentang kejayaan orang-orang melayu sejak lima puluh tahun dulu.Orang melayu telah berjaya dalam pelbagai bidang.Bahkan sudah ada melayu yang jadi angkasawan!!.Dan pak Lah mengajak orang melayu memandang lima puluh tahun kehadapan.

Adalah perlu diingat kan sekali lagi, bagi bangsa melayu di Patani bukan hendak memikir kan lima puluh tahun kehadapan, tetapi memikirkan apa akan jadi dengan nasib bangsa melayu Patani esok jika keadaan hari ini berterusan tanpa berubah.Tanpa siapa-siapa pun abang-abang kami yang peduli dan kami bersendirian berjuang.Sedang kan Penjajah Thai mendapat segala bantuan dari kuasa-kuasa barat dan negara-negara jiran untuk menghapuskan kami. Kami harus berperang hari ini untuk terus hidup esok, walaupun tanpa senjata yang cukup dan canggih. Pihak luar terutama nya negara-negara islam sentiasa dibohongi oleh penjajah Thai dengan maklumat palsu tentang suasana di Patani. Mereka membunuh kami secara babi buta setiap hari dan malam.Berbagai taktik baru mereka guna untuk membunuh kami.

Sekarang mereka bukan sahaja dapat bantuan dari negara-negara jiran, bahkan mereka juga telah dapat mendidik tokoh baru dari orang-orang melayu bagi membantu mereka.Dengan kemenangan beberapa pengkhianat dalam pilihanraya baru-baru ini.

Mereka boleh mengharapkan tokoh-tokoh saperti Wan Mahadi dan Nik dir waba untuk membantu propaganda mereka. Pilihanraya kali ini adalah amat mendukacitakan,kerana sebahagian orang-orang melayu masih boleh bekerjasama dengan penjajah terutamanya dengan Panlop Pinmanee yang mengarahkan pembunuhan di Masjid Kerisik.Walau partai mana yang menang pun mereka tetap musuh islam.Mereka akan tetap meneruskan dasar penghapusan orang-orang melayu Patani.

Tentang sikap orang-orang melayu ini rata-rata nya sama saja, baik yang berada dalam negeri Thai saperti wilayah-wilayah yang majoriti islam saperti ujung salang(phuket), ghrabi, ligor atau setul, atau di luar negara saperti di Malaysia. Orang-orang melayu di Malaysia masih tidak peka dengan apa yang berlaku di Patani.Dan kalau ada yang tahu pun menganggap bahawa masalaah Patani tak ada kena mengena dengan mereka.Ada yang marah-marah pada orang Patani yang berada di Malaysia kerana tak mau terima tawaran penjajah Thai.Yang lebih menduka citakan lagi mereka ini orang-orang politik yang memperjuangkan nasib islam dan melayu di Malaysia. Memang dhaif sungguh nasib bangsa melayu yang berada di Patani atau luar Patani.

Bangsa melayu seluruh dunia perlu faham bahawa kami orang-orang Patani tidak rela lagi dijajah walau sedetik pun.

Peperangan kami dengan orang-orang Thai(dulu ta’i) sudah berlanjutan sejak zaman Langkasuka (Patani sebelum islam) lagi. Sudah lebih enam ratus tahun kami berperang dan tidak akan jemu berperang sehingga enam ratus tahun lagi jika bumi ini masih mereka jajah. Mereka keluar seluruhnya atau kita akan sama-sama lihat siapa yang dapat bertahan.              

Wahai bangsa melayu yang masih berugama islam, mari lah sama-sama berganding bahu dengan kami bagi berjihad menegak islam di bumi ini.Semua orang melayu yang masih mengaku orang Patani saudara mereka di alu-alukan berganding bahu di medan perang. Curah lah apa-apa bantuan yang kamu mampu bagi membantu saudara kamu yang dhaif material ini.                Pengajaran bagi umat islam melayu di Malaysia ialah hargailah negara tersebut sebelum terlambat saperti apa yang terjadi pada empayar melayu di sekitar Segenting kera!!!!!   





October 25, 2007


  25 hb October 2007

 Hari ini genap lah tiga tahun masehi peristiwa pembunuhan beramai-ramai  umat islam di Tabal (Takbai) oleh tentera penjajah Thai.Peristiwa yang menyayat hati ini telah didahului enam bulan sebelum nya satu lagi peristiwa sedih iaitu pembunuhan beramai-ramai yang kejam di dalam masjid kerisek pemuda-pemuda yang tidak bersalah. Dikedua-kedua peristiwa ini ada persamaan , iaitu tentera Thai bertindak dengan niat untuk membunuh kesemua orang-orang  melayu yang hadhir ditempat peristiwa itu.Strateji yang terancang ini adalah sebahagian dari kempen ‘etnik cleansing ‘Penjajah Thai terhadap bangsa Melayu.Peristiwa kekejaman Siam terhadap orang-orang Patani ini adalah setanding dengan apa yang di lakukan oleh orang-orang Serbia terhadap bangsa Bosnia  dan Zionis terhadap rakyat Palestin.Penindasan dan kekejaman ini bukan sahaja berlaku di kerisik dan Tabal bahkan berlaku setiap hari.Hanya akhbar-akhbar di Thailand dan Malaysia dilarang dari menyiarnya!!. Hanya berita-berita kematian orang Siam sahaja yang menjadi fokus.Itu pun kerana mau menunjuk kan bahawa pejuang-pejuang ini sebenar nya pengganas yang zalim.Bertitik tolak dari peristiwa-peristiwa yang menyedihkan inilah yang mencetus kebangkitan rakyat Patani secara besar-besaran.Peristiwa ini jugalah yang mencetuskan sumpah perjuangan oleh mujahidin-mujahidin yang bertugas.Mereka bersumpah tidak akan berhenti berjuang salagi bumi Patani tidak dibebas sepenuhnya dari sebarang bentuk penjajahan. 

Peristiwa yang menyedihkan ini bukan saja diratapi oleh umat Islam Patani bahkan oleh sesiapa sahaja yang mengaku MELAYU dan ISLAM didunia ini!!! Sapatut nya peristiwa hitam 25 October ini di ingati diseluruh nusantara (Malaysia,Brunei dan Indonesia). Kerana perjuangan pembebasan Patani adalah perjuangan survival(mati dan hidup) Melayu seluruh nya.Kalau seluruh umat Arab menganggap perjuangan Palestin adalah issu arab maka Patani juga mesti menjadi issu MELAYU !!!

 Walau pun mereka cuba membohongi angka kematian sabenar di Tabal tapi pihak patanikini telah dapat mengesan sebahagian dari kematian yang tidak di lapurkan. Antara nya yang mati ketika cuba melarikan diri dalam sungai.Mereka ditembak saperti ikan-ikan buruan.

Kubor-kubor pembunuhan beramai-ramai dijumpai di telubok patani,di tanah perkuburan cina di jala dan juga perkuburan cina di naratiwat.Jumlah kematian di ketiga-tiga kubur ini melebihi 500 orang yang di campak kadalam lubang beramai-ramai.

Sajumlah 78  orang yang mati tertindeh didalam trak tentera ketika di bawa keluar.

Lapuran tentera Thai sendiri memberi angka terperinci kematian:- 

Trak yang bernombor 19338,        21  terbunuh

Trak yang bernombor 19232,          5  terbunuh

Trak yang bernombor 19263,          6  terbunuh

Trak yang bernombor 13164,         23 terbunuh

Trak yang bernombor 531,               5  terbunuh

Trak yang bernombor 5256,             1  terbunuh

Trak yang bernombor 530,              6  terbunuh.

11 mati dalam kenderaan yang tak dapat di kesan nombor nya. 

Peristiwa ini bukan lah satu peristiwa yang luar biasa dibumi Patani. Bahkan ianya sambungan dari tindakan-tindakan yang telah dilakukan oleh penjajah thai sejak dari 1786 lagi. Mereka membunuh orang-orang Patani saperti binatang buruan.Mereka tidak pernah menganggap orang melayu Patani sebagai manusia.

Patani adalah sebahagian daripada ‘Tanah Melayu’. Bagaimanapun, pada pertengahan abad ke-19 Patani telah menjadi mangsa dasar imperialistik kerajaan Siam yang disokong secara sulit oleh kuasa barat. Dalam tahun 1826, penaklukan Siam ke atas Patani  telah diiktiraf oleh British. Dalam usahanya untuk mengukuhkan cengkamannya ke atas Patani, pada tahun 1902 kerajaan Siam melaksanakan dasar Thesaphiban.Dengan itu, sistem pemerintahan kesultanan Melayu telah dihapuskan. Dengan termeterainya Perjanjian Bangkok pada tahun 1909,Patani telah diakui oleh British sebagai sebahagian daripada jajahan Siam walaupun tanpa kerelaan orang-orang Melayu Patani. 

Semenjak penghapusan pemerintahan Kesultanan Melayu Patani, orang-orang Melayu-Patani berada dalam keadaan tertekan dan daif.  Orang-orang Melayu telah menjadi mangsa sebuah pemerintahan yang ‘Genocidal tendency’ dan ganas. Justeru, tidaklah hairan seringkali berlaku kebangkitan di Patani. Pada tahun 1923, Tengku Abdul Kadir Kamaruddin, bekas raja Kerajaan Melayu Patani, dengan sokongan pejuang-pejuang Turki, telah mengepalai gerakan pembebasan. Kebangkitan anti-Siam menjadi lebih hebat lagi apabila kerajaan Pibul Songgram (1939-44) cuba mengasimilasikan bangsa Melayu ke dalam masyarakat Siam melalui Dasar Rathaniyom.  


Sultan Abdul Kadir,Raja terakhir Patani    

Penglibatan Siam dalam Perang Dunia Kedua di pihak Jepun telah memberikan harapan kepada orang-orang Melayu Patani untuk membebaskan tanah air mereka daripada penjajahan Siam. Tengku Mahmood Mahyideen, putera bekas Raja Melayu Patani juga seorang pegawai berpangkat Mejar dalam pasukan Force 136, telah mengemukakan rayuan kepada pihak berkuasa British di India supaya mengambil alih Patani dan wilayah sekitarnya serta digabungkan dengan Tanah Melayu.  

Cadangan Tengku Mahmud itu adalah selaras dengan rancangan Pejabat Tanah Jajahan British untuk mengkaji kedudukan Segenting Kra dari sudut kepentingan keselamatan Tanah Melayu selepas perang nanti. 

Harapan itu semakin cerah apabila kuasa-kuasa berikat, dalam Perisytiharan San Francisco pada bulan bulan April 1945, menerima prinsip hak menentu nasib sendiri (self-determination) sebagai usaha membebaskan tanah jajahan daripada belenggu penjajahan. 

Atas semangat itu, pada 1 November 1945, sekumpulan pemimpin Melayu Patani dipimpin oleh Tengku Abdul Jalal, bekas wakil rakyat wilayah Menara, telah mengemukakan petisyen kepada Kerajaan British merayu supaya empat wilayah di Patani dibebaskan daripada pemerintahan Siam dan digabungkan dengan Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

Namun begitu, pendirian British terhadap Siam berubah apabila Peperangan Pasifik tamat. Keselamatan tanah jajahan dan kepentingan British di Asia Tenggara menjadi pertimbangan utama kerajaan British dalam penggubalan dasarnya terhadap Siam atau pun Patani. 


YB Tengku Jalal


 YM Tengku Mahmood  Mahyiddin          

 Kerajaan British memerlukan kerjasama Siam bagi mendapatkan bekalan beras bagi keperluan tanah jajahannya. Tidak kurang pentingnya, kerajaan British terpaksa menyesuaikan dasarnya terhadap Siam dengan tuntutan Amerika Syarikat yang mahu mengekalkan wilayah Siam seperti dalam tahun 1941.

Tindakan penjajahan ini juga selaras dengan perancangan Zionist yang memperkudakan kuasa barat itu.Patani senasib dengan Palestin dari segi permainan licik penjajah. Kebangkitan Komunis di Asia Tenggara, khususnya di Tanah Melayu pada tahun 1948, menjadi faktor pertimbangan British dalam menentukan dasarnya. Kerajaan British menganggap Siam sebagai negara penampan terhadap ancaman Komunis China. Justeru, Kerajaan British mahu memastikan Siam terus stabil dan memihak kepada Barat dalam persaingan dengan Negara-Negara Komunis. Kerajaan British memerlukan kerjasama kerajaan Siam bagi menghapuskan kegiatan penganas-penganas Komunis di perbatasan Tanah Melayu.Justeru itu Patani menjadi buffer zone. 

Kebetulan pula kerajaan Siam telah memberi jaminan untuk memperkenalkan reformasi pentadbiran dan sosio-ekonomi di Patani bagi mengatasi masalah yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat Melayu. Oleh kerana itu, isu Patani mula dianggap kurang penting malahan kiranya dibangkitkan akan menjejaskan hubungan dengan Siam.  

Selepas Persidangan Senggora pada awal Januari 1949, pihak berkuasa British di Tanah Melayu atas tuntutan pihak Siam mula mengambil tindakan terhadap pemimpin-pemimpin pejuangan Patani. GEMPAR juga telah diharamkan. Tengku Mahmood Mahyideen telah ditekan manakala Haji Sulung dihukum penjara. Pergerakan politik Patani semakin lemah dengan pembunuhan secara di racun Tengku Mahmood Mahyideen dan  Syahid nya Haji Sulung pada tahun 1954. Peristiwa ini berkemungkinan akan berulang jika kerajaan Malaysia juga mengambil sikap yang sama saperti penjajah Inggeris serta bekerjasama dengan penjajah thai. 

Sebelum perang dunia kedua penduduk melayu di patani melebihi 90 %, akan tetapi nisbah ini makin berkurang dengan pemindahan penduduk dari utara Thai ka Patani dan pembunuhan beramai-ramai yang sering dilakukan oleh penjajah thai. 

Sejak akhir-akhir ini apabila operasi pejuang bertambah berjaya dan ‘intense’ penjajah telah mula memperalat kan orang-orang melayu demi melagakan mereka dengan pejuang-pejuang.Ramai dari mereka-mereka ini adalah pemimpin-pemimpin masyarakat yang kerana disogok kan dengan duit telah sanggup menjual bangsa dan ugama sendiri. Mereka telah mengguna berbagai strateji bagi melemahkan orang-orang melayu.Antara nya mengeluarkan fatwa bahawa perjuangan ini tidak syarii kerana Negara patani ini asalnya hak orang-orang Buddha. Mereka sanggup memutar belitkan sejarah demi menjadi kaldai tunggangan penjajah Thai.Mereka juga menubuh sebuah akhbar yang diberi nama’ aman damai’.Akhbar ini boleh di baca dalam internet di ketuai oleh Dato Nik dir waba dan Haji Wahab Napdo .Beliau(NIK DIR) seringkali membuat kenyataan yang menyakit kan hati orang-orang melayu. 


Rencana yang mengajak perpaduan antara Islam-buddha dalam akhbar aman damai. 


 Gambar sindiran yang di siar oleh akhbar aman damai.Menggambarkan pejuang sebagai serigala menarik secara paksa rakyat Patani. 

 Antara strateji lain nya ia lah percubaan mengumpul peniaga-peniaga Patani yang berada di Malaysia. Tugas ini diserahkan kapada bomoh Wan Mahadi yang pernah di tahan dalam penjara kerana terlibat dengan JI !!! Rupa-rupa nya tangkapan oleh pihak penjajah Thai dulu itu adalah satu tipu muslihat supaya orang-orang Patani percaya kapada golongan ini.

Sekarang ini peperangan sudah sampai peringkat apa yang disebut oleh alquranul karim sebagai Yaumul taqal jamaan. Yang mana perjuangan hanya terbahagi pada dua puak, iaitu puak Islam dan puak Kafir.Tidak ada yang lain.Jadi sesiapa yang memilih bersubahat dengan penjajah Thai adalah puak kuffar.Mereka-mereka yang bersengkongkol dengan penjajah Thai sekali lagi di beri amaran supaya kembalilah ka pangkal jalan.Jangan tuduh pejuang-pejuang tidak berperi kemanusiaan kapada bangsa sendiri. Maka sesiapa saja yang bersengkongkol dengan penjajah akan di anggap sebagai anjing penjajah. Mereka akan dilayan saperti penjajah !!

AWAS KAMU wahai pengkhianat-pengkhianat. Jangan sampai kami hilang kesabaran!!! Kamu bersahabat dengan penjajah yang tidak pernah MENG ANGGAP BANGSA KAMU SABAGAI MANUSIA !! 


 Assyahid Husin Bendang Lima






Gambar-gambar kezaliman di tabal(takbai)  


 Walaupun rakyat Patani masih dalam kesedihan kerana berkabung tetapi minggu yang lalu mujahidin telah berjaya membunuh 12 orang tentera dan mencederakan lebih 29 orang dalam serang hendap. Dalam serang balas dendam mereka selapas itu . Seramai 5 orang pejuang syahid setelah berebut-rebut untuk syahid dikalangan mereka.(Fatihah untuk mereka-mereka yang syahid) 

Alhamdulillah perjuangan kemerdekaan Patani akan bangkit diatas darah para syuhada. Kami lebih rela hapus semua sakali dari di biarkan walau sasaat lagi bumi kami di jajah. Kami memohon kapada allah swt .Ambil lah darah kami demi pengorbanan untuk mendaulatkan kalimat mu di bumi ini. Ya allah seandainya kau mati kan kami semuanya maka tidak ada lagi lah penyembah-penyembah mu yang ikhlas di bumi Patani.   

Allahumma solli ala Muhammad 

Wa aali Muhammad. 



Qunut Nazilah untuk menghancur  dan memecah belahkan seluruh musuh.

Tough man take hard stand and ready for head on with Patani fighters

May 27, 2007

The appointment of retired Army Gen Panlop Pinmanee as military adviser appears to be a signal from the Council for National Security that the conciliatory approach will change toward both Muslim insurgents in the South and opponents of the military regime.

Gen Panlop, who moved back into the Isoc headquarters earlier this month, is a former commando and self-described assassin. And he talked calmly and toughly on Saturday night about the problems in the deep South.“The way to solve the problem in the South is to get the people on your side,” Gen Panlop said in an interview, broadcast on Saturday night by Channel 3.But if the violence continues, the military should carry out “search and destroy” missions against the insurgents, he said. “If we cannot make them surrender, then we have no choice – we have to destroy them.”

Gen Panlop is both notorious for his harsh tactics but hated for his survival instincts.
He  appeared relaxed in the interview and said he had stayed alive this long because he was careful. His colleagues seem more concerned. Aides carried into his office a birthday present from a fellow general in the Thai Army.A BULLETPROOF VEST !!!

He said Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin, who led the September coup that overthrew Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and brought the junta to power, asked him to be an adviser during a round of golf in March. The men once served together in a special warfare unit.
Gen Panlop, who turned 71 on Friday, speaks about his days as an army-appointed assassin in a casual, matter-of-fact tone and offers little to dispel his tough-guy reputation.He was the leader of what he called the “killer team,” a secret seven-man army unit in 1970 that carried out extrajudicial killings. “The assignment was to kill the leaders of Communist groups all over Thailand,” he said.

He said he was also a guerrilla mercenary for the Central Intelligence Agency along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the 1960s.

But he is perhaps best known for his decision to raid the Krue Se mosque in PATANI in 2004, a move that left 32 martyred unarmed youngster. The raid helped rekindled the Patani revolution, which has caused about 2,200 deaths in the past three years.

Diplomacy is not his strong point, his expertise is to kill people and deal with things by force.”

It is too early to tell how influential Gen Panlop will be in the government. But amid rumors of countercoups and manoeuvering by Mr Thaksin’s allies, the generals seem to have calculated that they needed his skills. Gen Panlop has been involved in three military coups and is said to have once plotted to assassinate an army commander.

Gen Panlop began his job on May 3 at the Internal Security Operations Command, a military agency created under another name in the 1960s to fight Communists in the country. Returning to the security agency was a rehabilitation for Gen Panlop, who until last August was its deputy director. He was fired when Mr Thaksin accused Gen Panlop of plotting to assassinate him.

Gen Panlop ridiculed the idea at the time, saying, “If I had done it, I guarantee that the prime minister would not have survived.”

Now, he says he is using the agency’s network of 700,000 volunteers around the country to gather intelligence on the junta’s opponents.

After seizing power in September, the junta vowed to take a soft approach to the southern insurgency in contrast to Mr Thaksin’s hard-line stance. Last November, Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont issued a far-reaching public apology on behalf of the Thai state for what he called flawed government policies toward local Malay Muslims.

But this and other olive branches failed to stem the daily killings of civilians.

Gen Panlop says he can beat insurgents at their own game because that is a game he played — in 1966 and 1967 when he led guerrilla units in attacks against North Vietnamese traveling the Ho Chi Minh Trail. “The strategy of hit-and-run I know very well,” he said.He refused to say exactly how many people suspected of being Communists he and his six fellow assassins killed in 1970.“Many, many,” he said.He did not want to identify the people he killed because it would upset too many of their relatives, he said. 

Military chief may have contacted Patani fighters

April 29, 2007

For the past several days; Defence Minister Boonrawd Somtas had been on a secret mission that is related to problems in the South, and is reporting directly to Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont.“Gen Boonrawd held a meeting with leaders of an insurgent group,” a source said on Friday without giving further details.“The meeting might be the outcome of cooperation between Gen Surayud and Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,” the source added.Earlier, the Malaysian prime minister had agreed to help initiate negotiations with insurgent groups.The source did not reveal where the meeting was held, saying only that the location was in Thailand, not in
Malaysia’s Kelantan state.
Council for National Security (CNS) chief Sonthi Boonyaratkalin said security in the strife-torn South is being stepped up in view of the third anniversary today of the Krue Se massacre in Patani on April 28, 2004.Gen Sonthi said the massacre should not be recognised as an important day by any insurgent group. Nonetheless, the army generally beefed up security whenever such days drew near.More than 1,000 checkpoints have been set up from 4pm to 5am throughout the course of the anniversary.Gen Sonthi said the authorities had exercised extra caution in pinpointing Muslim men dressed in veils and robes of Muslim women in order to mingle in all-female protests.Asked about the high levels of young Muslims joining insurgent groups, he said the army would work harder to deal with the issue as young people were immature and easy to influence.He was satisfied with the fact that insurgents had shifted attacks from civilians to rangers because it meant less innocent people would become victims.Asked about plans to boost paramilitary forces, he said the fiscal budget should be taken into account first.In Narathiwat, a bomb blast at a kanom krok stall severely wounded a grandmother who owned the stall selling the hot sweet meats, along with her teenage nephew in Tak Bai district yesterday.More than 100 Muslim women and children blocked a road to a mosque in Yala’s Yaha district yesterday to demand a curfew be lifted.It was the third protest held this week to demand that the curfew imposed in their area and neighbouring Bannang Sata district be ended.The first anti-curfew protest took place on Wednesday in Ban Ngo-gapo of Bannang Sata. The second was held by villagers at tambon Tanohputae-nai on Thursday.In the same province, a special combat troop escaped unscathed from a roadside bomb attack in Raman district yesterday while in a pickup truck providing security in the area.

SOUTHERN UNREST-Warning of major attack

April 28, 2007

Intelligence agencies warn that militants may try to mark third anniversary of Krue Se; Sonthi downplays fears

Two people were killed and at least five people injured in separate explosions in the deep South yesterday as authorities beefed up security after warning of new violence during the third anniversary of the bloody uprising at the historic Krue Se Mosque.( Typical of thai army when any discreet operation coming up they  drum up alarm and pointing towards independence fighters)The first bomb went off at about 6am in Narathiwat’s Tak Bai district, injuring a grandmother and gr andson as they prepared food for sale at a roadside shop. In this incident muslim youth armed with knives and some without any weapon were massacred by thai army mercilessly.The orders were don’t leave any survivors..This was the final incident which the muslim counldnt take anymore and decided to take up arms and fight all out.Neay Kongsamret, 68, was in serious condition, while Pornchai Kongsamret, 14, was slightly injured. Police said militants might have hidden the bomb overnight as an eyewitness had seen a few men near the site the previous evening during a heavy rainstorm. Another bomb exploded at around 1pm at a cockpit, also in Tak Bai district, injuring three people, including two women who were selling food. In neighbouring Yala province’s Raman district a roadside bomb went off but missed the target as a group of soldiers on patrol had already passed by. In Pattani’s Yarang district two gunmen on motorcycles shot a husband and wife, Chaiyan Siriwat, 43, and his wife, Sunan Suwan, 43, on the

Pattani-Yala Road

. Killings have taken place on a daily basis since the beginning of 2004, and more than 2,000 people have been murdered so far as the government struggles to contain the violence. Intelligence agencies issued a warning of a possible major incident today as militants might create trouble to commemorate the bloody uprising on April 28, 2004 when 32 militants were killed at the historic mosque of Krue Se. In Bangkok Army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin said there would be no major incident today as the uprising was “not important” for the insurgency movement. Many militants “used only knives” to fight with well-equipped soldiers.  

Perundingan otonomi di jeddah?

April 26, 2007


Satu sumber dari Bangkok melapurkan bahawa beberapa pihak dari parti2 yang sedang berjuang menuntut kemerdekaan Patani dari  Thailand telah bersetuju untuk hadhir ka perbincangan pada bulan mei di kota Jeddah Arab Saudi.

Mengikut sumber ini di faham kan tajuk perbincangan adalah pemberian kuasa otonomi oleh penjajah Thai kapada rakyat Patani.Mereka yang sanggup hadhir ini terdiri dari kesemua gabungan parti yang bersekutu dalam kumpulan BERSATU yang pernah di ketuai oleh Dr Wan Kadir.

Perjumpaan kali ini di jangka akan menjadikan Malaysia dan Arab Saudi sabagai orang tengah.Perjumpaan untuk mendapat kan kuasa otonomi ini telah lama di perjuangkan oleh faksi wan kadir dalam kumpulan bersatu.Idea kumpulan ini mendapat restu dan sokongan kuat dan galakan dari Dr M dan Kuala Lumpur.

Pada tahun 2006 mantan PM Malaysia  Dr Mahathir Muhammad telah cuba memaksa pihak pejuang2 dengan memanggil sabahagian mereka ka Langkawi bagi menanda tangani satu memorandum kapada pemerentah Thai.Memorandum yang di karang oleh Dr M itu mengandungi permintaan dari pejuang2 untuk mendapat keampunan tanpa mahu menuntut kemerdekaaan atau otonomi.Kandungan memorandum itu juga menuntut taat setia kapada Raja Budha Thai tanpa berbelah bagi.Dr Mahathir dan keluarganya terutama Mukhriz mempunyai banyak kepentigan pelaburan di bumi Patani termasuk memiliki beberapa ratus hektar tanah.

“I am not afraid of being called a traitor”

March 23, 2007

Aiming for hearts and minds ... female rangers train at their base in Yala province in southern Thailand. The rangers are being employed against increasing numbers of female protesters.

Aiming for hearts and minds … female rangers train at their base in Yala province in southern Thailand. The rangers are being employed against increasing numbers of female protesters.

Photo: AP/Apichart Weerawong

Both sides are employing new tactics in the civil unrest, writes Connie Levett in Saiburi,Thailand.

SIRIPAN USAPROM, 23, was an admin clerk three months ago. Now she is a tactical weapon in southern Thailand’s increasingly savage civil unrest – the fresh face of the military-appointed Government’s maligned “soft” approach on the south.

Combining a sawn-down M16 and combat fatigues with eye make-up and pencilled eyebrows, Siripan is one of 26 members of a women’s ranger troop. She recalls their first day on the job in the Rangae red zone, one of the south’s most volatile districts. “We went into the village and there was a voice from the loudspeaker calling children, women and elderly people. Protesting women came to us and asked why we were there. ‘This is not Thailand, this is Malaysia,’ they [said].”

Siripan said the women told her troop to go away. They asked which of them were Muslim, then told them, “You should quit and get another job”.

A Muslim ranger, Natsryia Yarimor, 25, said her family had no objection to her work. “I am not afraid of being called a traitor, because it’s not a religious war, most of them misunderstand,” she said.

But the warning should not be taken lightly. In two bloody incidents in the region, two marines and two teachers were taken hostage by villagers, and three of the four were beaten to death.

Thailand is an overwhelmingly Buddhist country, but in the deep south the majority of people are Muslim. They speak a different language, Malayu or Yawi, and feel a strong sense of injustice at their place in the Thai hierarchy.

The insurgency, seeking better rights for Muslims, has sputtered and flared for decades, but observers are worried by two new trends — the increasingly random, savage nature of the attacks and the emerging role women are playing in the struggle.

For the first time, women are on the front line, planting bombs, carrying out drive-by shootings and staging large demonstrations that paralyse Thai authorities because soldiers do not dare touch Muslim women for fear of breaking religious taboos and further inflaming the situation.

So Siripan and 130 fellow female rangers have been recruited in response. They are part of the Government’s hearts-and-minds campaign as it works for reconciliation with southern Thai Muslims. As well as the use of female rangers, there have been air drops of pamphlets warning that “insurgents want to create division between religions, they want Thai brothers to kill each other”.

Thai authorities have shown restraint in the face of recent brutal attacks aimed at derailing the process in which monks have been beheaded and teachers shot and set alight. Nine Buddhists, including three women and a girl, travelling by mini-van were stopped and executed at close range this month, fuelling anger in Bangkok at the Government’s softly, softly approach, which was introduced after the September 19 coup to overthrow the caretaker prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.

Muslims have also been targets: a bomb was thrown at a mosque in Yala, and two Muslim students were shot in their sleeping quarters in apparent retaliatory attacks. In spite of the publicity given to atrocities against Buddhists, there have been more Muslim casualties among the 2000 deaths since the violence reignited in 2004.

“There is more brutal, severe violence happening. It’s never been like this before. It has become more random,” said Srisompob Jitpiromsri, a political scientist at Prince of Songkla University, in the southern province of Pattani.

Dr Srisompob, who has set up a database to track the violence, cited the cases of a Muslim woman who walked into a grocery store and shot the owner, and of women who committed a drive-by shooting at a teashop.

“But the outstanding phenomenon is the movement of women in demonstrations,” he said. “There are almost 20 incidents of demonstrations organised by women in black. It happens after someone is arrested, then a group of women demonstrate.”

The army also accuses women, whom they could not search until they recruited the female rangers, of transporting weapons through roadblocks.

The most recent demonstration of female power came after two students were killed at a pondok (Islamic school) inside their bamboo sleeping shacks, at Saba Yoi, in Songkla province, last Saturday.

The villagers suspected the involvement of the Government and for the next two days, several hundred women and children kept authorities from inspecting the crime scene. The stand-off was tense and gunshots were fired.

Suai Bah, 30, one of the women who protested, said they were angry about being classified a red zone, which means an area with high insurgent activity. They were fearful the authorities would plant incriminating evidence at the site, Suai said. Initial news reports said police claimed the students died when a bomb they were making exploded. The bamboo huts are peppered with gunshots.

“After the attack a group of women gathered – several hundred – and we stopped the Government authorities from entering the pondok,” Suai said. “We heard the army said they would close any pondok with links to the insurgency.”

The army does not know how many women are involved in the insurgency but estimates, somewhat arbitrarily, that 1 per cent of the 1.7 million southern population is involved. Of that 17,000, it claims 2000 are operational and the other 15,000 provide backup.

The army’s spokesman in the south, Colonel Acra Tiproch, said: “They have just appeared recently, we didn’t see this last year.”

The mobs of women have been effective, Colonel Acra said.

“On February 18, the army took a man for questioning. Protesters came to the [army] camp and five or six women would not leave. They surrounded the soldier and tried to draw him into the crowd.”

Because the soldier did not want to touch the Muslim women, the army had to bring in female rangers to pull the women away, he said. “They wanted to spark violence.”

The female rangers have provided an effective non-violent response to the mobilisation of women in protests.

Siripan and her colleagues have just returned to their home base at Saiburi, in Pattani, after a month in Rangae, where they worked in the villages, on roadblocks, in crowd control and offering basic nursing care.

The rangers said that when they first arrived in the villages, the women would not talk to them and thought they were there to arrest their husbands. But after two weeks the female villagers began to trust them enough to start telling them their problems.

The rangers – all single and aged between 18 and 29 – are local and are aware they are a target for the insurgents.

“This job pays more [than my admin job] but this is from my heart,” said Siripan. “I am a part of helping people in the three provinces.”

(Source: SMH, 23/3/03)