No peace talk



         The thai prime minister Samak Sunderavej has slammed the door for any peaceful negotiations with the Patani fighters.He said this after the thai cabinet meeting on 18th


 march 2008. He refused to   talk because could not accept the demands by the fighters.Without detailing what are the demands by  this fighters he reiterated these people only want to internationalise the issue.       

        He said six group were involved in the meeting in switzerland . “I’ve read the demands, and the position of  Thai government is that this is not an international issue. I cannot say at this point in time that we have knowledge of all of the identities of those involved, but we do have considerable information,” Samak said.        

        He also could not ascertain when will the fightings stopped. He said he was not in a position to say when the violence in the region would end but insisted the local community stood with the government, because: “The insurgents are killing their own people.” ( He may be referring to the incident of mans in vehicles firing at the mosque near Jala town.Eye witnesses confirmed that thai soldiers(seghe pran) were the culprit which fired the machine gun towards the mosque as they always did.They often does these kind of firing and killing innocent villagers to gain leverage and support from  local distorted muslim scholars.Only brainless local stooges belief these tales due to their desperate hard up for justifications to turn against own people and religion.Sadly to say they (the thai authority), quite successful in making foreign muslim countries especially the OICs countries to believe in these fabrications.        

        But fightings aggravated every times  regime claimed the situations under controlled. Last week a car bomb exploded at CS hotel ( which they claimed to be the safest place in southern region!!!) killing 5 people on the spots and many seriously injured.       

        The thai regime is facing the tough task as acknowledged by Interior Minister Chalerm Yubamrung who told reporters that he had no ideas of how to solve this problem. He also accepted that Patani problems is  very serious . He reiterated, its about their religion and their beliefs, and their grievances about discrimination.       

        The situation now is far more serious than that. This is an etnic cleansing.All proves and indication inclined towards the most sophiscated and well planned operations and is supported by outside hands.Usually; for reprisal and revenges towards villagers which refused to cooperate with them,they mass arrest the people, interrogated  and released those without any proof. Those released complaint they either suffering slow death after being poison while in prison or they were injected with the HIV viruses !!!!!  The released one were later kidnapped and killed and blaimed the fighters of doing it.        

        Today we would like to reiterate our stand loud and clear.Those involved in any form of negotiations, anywhere does not represent the true feeling of Patani peoples

Furthermore the thais are not serious on going through the peace process.

They never regards  patani people as legitimate party to negotiate with them because they never threat and regards us as human being!!!

       They are only interested to now who are the leaders and belong to which group.Let us make this clear. This fighting is a jihad to free the Patani nation from Thai domination.Previous experienced has thought us to be secrecy savvy and be very careful in exposing the identity of any fighters be it ordinary fighters or leaders among the fighter. But almost all fighters knows their respective leaders. We will carry on fighting until victory or death decides our fate.         

       If the thai regime are having head ache and in dilemma of how to solve the problems, let us educate you on this !!         

 First of all you must acknowledge five things.

1.    That Patani is not an integral part of Thailand!!. She is just colonial land, a product of Anglo- Bangkok conspiracy  in 1909.

2.    Stopped immediately massacring the patani people and the programmed etnic cleansing!!.

3.    Acknowledge that your regime have been killing our people and you just want to perpetuate your   illegal occupation in Patani.

4.    Stopped forcing and coercing our religious people to go against us.

5.    Stop threating and entertaining us  like ANIMALS.  

             If and whenever you(Thai authority have come to your senses and become human than you can start thinking of how to solve the Patani problems). Otherwise we are ready to face you at what ever cost may it be rather than capitulate as your slaves.               Let it be known OH enemy of god. You may bring all the army you have and all the money you can suck from your people but you can never beat us anytime.You may get and bring in outside help especially from your neighbours but that will not deter our spirit and steadfastness.We are in the state or belligerence and ready to take your army at all time. Please listen.Dont be stupid and stubborn.Let us stop fighting and make peace.So we can begin to develop our respective country.We are offering you an olive branch.Come back to your senses and be our brother.Dont let our boys loose their tempers.Hitherto we have not started our war outside this perimeter.Even though you keep on killing our innocent brethren but we still restrain our people from attacking you heartland i.e Bangkok !!!! 

         Don’t make us start attacking your motherland!.


2 Responses to No peace talk

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  2. aeldy says:

    ass. war. wab.
    saya tidak habis fikir, kenapa para pejuang patani saling bercakaran sesama sendiri. kenapa mesti ada brn, pulo, pulo baru, mujahidin, bipp dan entah apa namanya lagi. sudah lebih setengah abad bangsa patani berjuang untuk kemerdekaan bumi darussalam, kenapa kita tidak boleh berada dalam satu barisan yang padu, kuat dan terarah untuk menghadapi sutu musuh, kafir siam laknatullah. ka bunyanil marsus.
    hentikan saling menuduh kumpulan itu begitu, kumpulan ini begini. kita harus kompak untuk menang, isya Allah.

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