Anglo-Bangkok treaty 1909. Root cause of the problems

January 17, 2008

                 This treaty which was formulated and signed in 1902 was ratified and implemented in 1909 .The treaty has illegally robbed and disrespectfully humiliated the sovereignty of malay states encompassing Kelantan,Kedah,Patani,Trengganu and Perak.This treaty was a blatant slapped right in the face of malay rulers then. It was clear hegemony and heavy handed policy and the highest degree of conspiracy of anti islam’s west, especially of super power United Kingdom upon  sovereign  states of malay kingdom. This act of illegal signing of the treaty was the root caused of Patani problems and brought anguish and permanent scar to our peoples. This illegal treaty  ought to be abrogated immediately. Any future negotiation bound to fail without revoking this treaty first.               

             The patani case is not the case of dissatisfied minority malays pleading for right of self determination or socio-economic grievances. It is far more implication than that. It is the case of defending the motherland from victorious invaders. The war is still not over yet.We are fighting for our freedom. 

              Immediately after the treaty were ratified the Siamese invaders never stopped plundering and massacring the malays and indulgingly enforcing a heavy handed tactics of genocidal.               

           Patani was malay heartland and soul of muslim in the Malay peninsula. It was the centre of muslim propagation and education activities in peninsula. Before being ravaged it was a beautiful and lovely country.It was known as the corridor of Mecca.               

            During the Japanese occupation in Malaya, Siam which collaborated with the Japs, should have been punished. But immediately after the occupation ended the Chinese in Malaya started to revolt under the cover of Malayan Communist Party. Resulted in British declaring emergency rule in Malaya. The communist were pushed to Patani area. British fearing the Siamese might supported MCP, collaborated with them to suppress Patani independence fighters in Kelantan. Several leaders were given detention orders. They were resticted to district of Pasir Puteh and one in Perak.This was done under the urging of Siamese government. Gempar was banned and Tengku Mahmood Muhyiddin was poison.Haji Sulong was martyred.                 

            The British were  fearing the emergence of communist influence in south east asia.If not handle carefully the Siamese might incline towards communist block.Hence the strategy was to win the heart of Siamese by all means. Patani again was left out. And this policy continue till after  independent. Malaya were inherited by colonial protégé. The policy of neglecting the plight of Patani malays never stopped.               

            The zionist-western masterplan originated long time ago. They have been suppressing muslim countries either by colonizing them or through neo-colonisation. They were very successful in using the local stooges to perpetuate their agendas in most of Islamic countries. They were successful in Turkey through attaturk, Arabia through wahabis, Pakistan through Jinnah and many other successes. Recently they have manipulated almost every event in Pakistan ,and control every leaders involved in the crisis. The reason is obvious.Pakistan is an islamic nuclear power. Through bhutto’s own admission they always consult their bosses in the west of whatever next step they are taking!! So the game here is who ever could promise better allegiance to them will be favoured and defended.                 

            They must have make mistake in killing Bhutto?  No,no. It was not. It was the most crafty and deliberate plan to destabilize Pakistan, otherwise, who ever won will beg  for their help to maintain law and orders. For Patani, we have been neglected and  made sacrifial lamb not only by big imperialist power, but also by our own malays and muslim brothers. No muslim countries ever want to seriously taking up Patani plight very seriously.There are some minimal humanitarian aids given. But worst still are our malay brethren in the archipelago.We are a very big and influential race. With the population of almost 300 million put together there are many thing we could have done together. But alas! Regional peace has taken priority than solving the blood  brethren problem.Unlike the arabs where they regards the Palestine issue as an arabs problems.              

            Who says this region will maintain stability if internal sensitive problem is not tackled. Remember, Patani was a sovereign state just hundred years ago! What the Siamese had done to us and their neighbours just kept quite; is like as if we are not human being and no right to exist!!! Look at what they did in Krisek mosque and at Takbai demonstration.More than 1000 muslim malays of Patani were missing at these incident.just like that!! If those were not massacre, what was it? Who cares?             After we retaliated and started fighting back many parties had pressured us to stop fighting and accept the negotiation and capitulate. We have learned many lesson since the day we lost the wars. When they(the thais) were weak it’s either they pretended wanting to negotiate or sought assistance from big powers! Don’t blame us for  the belligerency. This is the war of our survival.This time around there will be no stopping or slowing down until death determine our fate. This is our jihad .This jihad is a war to defend the very survival of the malays which is facing extinction in their own land. Be it in Indonesia or Malaysia. No body want to listen to us.           

           In fact we were not only left in limbo when the Thais exterminated us. Worst still most of the incidences in Malaysia were carried out with the help of Malaysian police !!!.Many of our activist were arrested by Malaysian and Thai Police right in front of neighbourhood and were handed over to Thai police.They were killed immediately after crossing the borders. But some others were even finished before reaching the border, right on the Malaysian soil!!!.We have the list of names of our brothers which had being executed upon the orders of kangaroo’s court. We even have the names of those police involved in these operations.Until now some special branch officers never stop  harassing and intimidating the patani activist.We were even threatened with ISA. Some already incarcerated.         

            No body seem to be proud of being called Malay. They prefer to be called Indonesian or Malaysian. Unlike the Malays in last century. They really care about Patani. Figures like Tun Sardon Jubir,Dr burhanuddin,Ahmad Bustamam,Abu Bakar Baqir and many others were among leaders which has shown concern and sensitivity on Patani. They were true-blue blood brothers who incessantly came to the called of SOS by Patani brothers. They even offer to fight together with patani brothers during the dusun nyior uprising.         

             But now even with so many distinguish figures in the higher authority in Malaysia whom their forefathers from patani, dares not admitting it!!.          

            Patani revolution is not what some people perceived as islamic terrorism as what al qaeda has been accused of. We are not terrorist neither notorious bandits like  the thai soldiers.Their trigger happy armies has been authorised by superiors to shoot as they deem necessary. We are freedom fighters whom some may regards as revamped version of an old sort of malay nationalist struggle base upon resentment of thai imperialist. It’s true but with jihad rhetorics whom indulge in seeking syahid for glory after death. We would be happy if we survived.That will enable us to taste the sweetness of freed nation.Otherwise we would be dreaming of achieving the highest degree of surving allah by jihad. These are the secrets of our strength.Right now the patani problem is still parochial and localized. But only times will show that in very near future it may aggravate to become global and regional issues. Period.