Peace? Reconciliation? = Patani Merdeka

July 18, 2007

The  THAI Cabinet on Tuesday agreed to extend enforcement of emergency law in the restive south for another three months after the current round expires on July 20, a government deputy spokesman said.

The emergency law came into force since 2005 authorised the government to announce the renewable state of emergency for three months time in the unrest area and empower officials to have more certain level of liberty to deal with the situation.

Under this primitive law, officials could detain suspects without charge for maximum 30 days. More than 1000 suspects have been rounded up and detained under the law in the past few weeks.

As if to greet the news of the extension of this uncivilized law the fighters responded in a dramatic manner by detonating some deadly bombs i.e at Jala railway station.

The bombing was an indication how far this war could goes on.The fighters are well prepared to face any tempo and rythm be it continued fighting or negotiation.This warning goes to every parties which are struggling hard to stop this war.

Many strategies are bound to fail if the real problems are not arrested and making fun  of Patani peoples aspiration for independence.Many parties now be it OIC or neighbouring countries, refused to respond to the real wishes of Patani people.They are confusingly try to confuse the world that Patani people uprising is due to backward and starve for development.Even if what have been agreed by these parties; that the only solution to Patani is to improve their economic status ,education and other physical development programmes;who will guaranteed that the thais wiil stop annihilating or massacring the Malay muslim? OIC? Or Malaysia?

After The summit of Malaysia PM and Thai counterpart they have since formed up two parents bodies to tackle these problems. On Malaysia side it was named Task Force 2010 and Thai also Naming the Task force 960.They targeted  by 2010 all problems would be resolved and violence  stopped. Whose problem?Patani problems or Malaysia’s? Why not asking Patani peoples of what their wishes are? Are they bunch of wild slaves which doesn’t have any voice or rights at all that fit to be treated such way? Have Mindanao problems resolved yet? What happened to those rosy promises by Malaysia and Phillipines. What happen to Nur Misuari.

The Patani people really appreciate what Malaysia is trying to do.But they don’t trust the Thai regimes.History has educate them well; with the recorded atrocities and massacres stills lingering fresh in their minds.The Thai has never treated Patani peoples as human being.They were always being regarded as second class citizen or sacrifials animals fit for butchered.Genocide and ethnic cleansing is the name of the games!

They have not shown any sign of softening their stands.This is evident in the extension of the emergency decree.They always cheated  on their promises. Look at what the premier sorayud said few days ago when he was in Patani.That he never promised to give any special status or autonomy to Patani. Thai newspaper has reported many times words from PM or chairman of ISOC to the effect of giving autonomy to Patani.

Even now while they are talking about peace and reconciliation their soldiers are executing the orders from higher authority to keep on the policy of genocide!!!This is proven with the appointment of Panlop Pinmannee (the most dreaded and brutal army general in thai history) who gave the order to shoot all the unarmerd muslim youth at krisek mosque two years ago!!

They will go begging for peace at any cost when they are at losing side. But will make an about move when they feel strong again.

They have many times agreed at many issues while in a meeting brokered by HDC or by Malaysia.Then latter on reverse decision.

Until when do they wish to hide history? Or is it because of the oil in Patani? Patani were once an independance country. Please let Patani exist side by side as human being  with neighbouring countries. Let us cordially settle this conflict once for all. Be known that the new generation will not be cheated again. And they are willing to fight at any cost  and without time frames.!!