The Thai government soften?

19-06-2007, Fatoni.  The latest statement by thai premier was puzzling .Indication of subdued by thai leader? Or Another bluff as usual. Premier sorayud indicated last few days that some of the school in restive region i.e Fatoni  have to be closed for security reason. The PM acknowledged in a press conference yesterday the situation in the South “had deteriorated”. He suggested schools in remote and volatile areas where insurgents have been particularly active be closed down in the wake of recent attacks on teachers. Gen Surayud announced in a press conference that he had ordered closure of schools in troubled areas in the deep South after discussing the issue with the Internal Security Operations Command.The Fatoni people wanted thai regime to know there is no way they could force fatoni to accept their educations system anymore.The Fatoni people which was born with different religion and mother tongue has the right not to accept thai educations.Asked about negotiations with insurgents, the premier said there was no detail for the time being but there should be progress next month.He attributed the more violent situation in the South to the political situation and the insurgents’ attempt to attract the international community.

General kitti ratanachaya also has make about turn  gesture of softening his stand.Last statement he made sometimes ago was ‘we shouldnt be worry about those fatoni terrorist.They only numbered less than eight’.But few days ago he has make an honest admission that thai soldiers had lost to fatoni fighters 4 to One. He added it’s high times for thai administration to start the negotiation with the right party,There is nothing to be ashame of  he said, Many other countries resorted to same formula towards their colonies,He quoted acheh  for example. Meanwhile  the nation, an influential English newspaper has for several issues admitted that Patani was once an independance sultanate before being attacked by Thailand.On 13th june 2007 The nation wrote-’ The three provinces comprised an independent Islamic sultanate known as Patani for hundreds of years before being conquered by Bangkok in 1786. The border provinces came under direct rule of the Thai bureaucracy in 1902. ‘And again on 18th  june 2007-‘The violence has continued despite peace-building efforts by the military-installed government, which came to power following the coup in September. The Muslim-majority region was once an autonomous sultanate, until it was annexed by mainly Buddhist Thailand a century ago. Separatist unrest has erupted there periodically ever since.’The acknowledgement by the thais is a welcome gesture and considered positive beginning. Bloodshed could be hindered had the Siamese accepted the facts earlier that Patani was formerly an independance country.The Patani people are also human being like the Thai  which have the rights to determine their own destiny.But amidst these positive sign and talks The muslim in Patani shouldn’t fallsinto these sweet talks because thai are well known for their crafty tactics.All they want is for the mujahiddin to stop the operations.The fights should goes on despite of any gestures until not a single thai soldier in the Land of Fatoni.  


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