SOUTHERN UNREST-Warning of major attack

April 28, 2007

Intelligence agencies warn that militants may try to mark third anniversary of Krue Se; Sonthi downplays fears

Two people were killed and at least five people injured in separate explosions in the deep South yesterday as authorities beefed up security after warning of new violence during the third anniversary of the bloody uprising at the historic Krue Se Mosque.( Typical of thai army when any discreet operation coming up they  drum up alarm and pointing towards independence fighters)The first bomb went off at about 6am in Narathiwat’s Tak Bai district, injuring a grandmother and gr andson as they prepared food for sale at a roadside shop. In this incident muslim youth armed with knives and some without any weapon were massacred by thai army mercilessly.The orders were don’t leave any survivors..This was the final incident which the muslim counldnt take anymore and decided to take up arms and fight all out.Neay Kongsamret, 68, was in serious condition, while Pornchai Kongsamret, 14, was slightly injured. Police said militants might have hidden the bomb overnight as an eyewitness had seen a few men near the site the previous evening during a heavy rainstorm. Another bomb exploded at around 1pm at a cockpit, also in Tak Bai district, injuring three people, including two women who were selling food. In neighbouring Yala province’s Raman district a roadside bomb went off but missed the target as a group of soldiers on patrol had already passed by. In Pattani’s Yarang district two gunmen on motorcycles shot a husband and wife, Chaiyan Siriwat, 43, and his wife, Sunan Suwan, 43, on the

Pattani-Yala Road

. Killings have taken place on a daily basis since the beginning of 2004, and more than 2,000 people have been murdered so far as the government struggles to contain the violence. Intelligence agencies issued a warning of a possible major incident today as militants might create trouble to commemorate the bloody uprising on April 28, 2004 when 32 militants were killed at the historic mosque of Krue Se. In Bangkok Army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin said there would be no major incident today as the uprising was “not important” for the insurgency movement. Many militants “used only knives” to fight with well-equipped soldiers.