Military chief may have contacted Patani fighters

April 29, 2007

For the past several days; Defence Minister Boonrawd Somtas had been on a secret mission that is related to problems in the South, and is reporting directly to Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont.“Gen Boonrawd held a meeting with leaders of an insurgent group,” a source said on Friday without giving further details.“The meeting might be the outcome of cooperation between Gen Surayud and Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,” the source added.Earlier, the Malaysian prime minister had agreed to help initiate negotiations with insurgent groups.The source did not reveal where the meeting was held, saying only that the location was in Thailand, not in
Malaysia’s Kelantan state.
Council for National Security (CNS) chief Sonthi Boonyaratkalin said security in the strife-torn South is being stepped up in view of the third anniversary today of the Krue Se massacre in Patani on April 28, 2004.Gen Sonthi said the massacre should not be recognised as an important day by any insurgent group. Nonetheless, the army generally beefed up security whenever such days drew near.More than 1,000 checkpoints have been set up from 4pm to 5am throughout the course of the anniversary.Gen Sonthi said the authorities had exercised extra caution in pinpointing Muslim men dressed in veils and robes of Muslim women in order to mingle in all-female protests.Asked about the high levels of young Muslims joining insurgent groups, he said the army would work harder to deal with the issue as young people were immature and easy to influence.He was satisfied with the fact that insurgents had shifted attacks from civilians to rangers because it meant less innocent people would become victims.Asked about plans to boost paramilitary forces, he said the fiscal budget should be taken into account first.In Narathiwat, a bomb blast at a kanom krok stall severely wounded a grandmother who owned the stall selling the hot sweet meats, along with her teenage nephew in Tak Bai district yesterday.More than 100 Muslim women and children blocked a road to a mosque in Yala’s Yaha district yesterday to demand a curfew be lifted.It was the third protest held this week to demand that the curfew imposed in their area and neighbouring Bannang Sata district be ended.The first anti-curfew protest took place on Wednesday in Ban Ngo-gapo of Bannang Sata. The second was held by villagers at tambon Tanohputae-nai on Thursday.In the same province, a special combat troop escaped unscathed from a roadside bomb attack in Raman district yesterday while in a pickup truck providing security in the area.


Muslims protests block Patani roads

April 29, 2007

Patani 28-04-2007- Angry Muslim villagers blockaded a road in Thailand’s restive Patani for several hours on Sunday to protest the killing of a religious leader in a grenade attack on a mosque.The protest by nearly 100 Muslims, mostly teenagers, in Patani came a day after Samarn Usoh, 67, was badly wounded in the attack. He died later in hospital.Police blamed separatist insurgents(eye witness confirmed saw thai army did the job) for the attack on the mosque, which is adjacent to Patani’s historic Krue Se mosque where 32 militants were killed in a shoot out with troops and police three years ago.“Protesters closed the road which is the entrance to the village. Military officers watched from their checkpoint across the road,” sources said.

The protest lasted several hours and ended peacefully.

Patani is one of the three southern provinces roiled by a three-year-old fighting for independance in which more than 2,000 people have been killed.

In a neighbouring district in Patani, about 100 villagers also blocked a road to protest the arrest of a  Muslim suspected to be involved in a roadside bomb that killed three soldiers last week, another police officer said.

The Thai Army has asked the government to send 10,000 more troops to the region bordering Malaysia, reinforcing the 30,000 soldiers and paramilitary troops already there.

But Thailand’s post-coup Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said it would take a while before security agencies would make a decision on the reinforcements.

SOUTHERN UNREST-Warning of major attack

April 28, 2007

Intelligence agencies warn that militants may try to mark third anniversary of Krue Se; Sonthi downplays fears

Two people were killed and at least five people injured in separate explosions in the deep South yesterday as authorities beefed up security after warning of new violence during the third anniversary of the bloody uprising at the historic Krue Se Mosque.( Typical of thai army when any discreet operation coming up they  drum up alarm and pointing towards independence fighters)The first bomb went off at about 6am in Narathiwat’s Tak Bai district, injuring a grandmother and gr andson as they prepared food for sale at a roadside shop. In this incident muslim youth armed with knives and some without any weapon were massacred by thai army mercilessly.The orders were don’t leave any survivors..This was the final incident which the muslim counldnt take anymore and decided to take up arms and fight all out.Neay Kongsamret, 68, was in serious condition, while Pornchai Kongsamret, 14, was slightly injured. Police said militants might have hidden the bomb overnight as an eyewitness had seen a few men near the site the previous evening during a heavy rainstorm. Another bomb exploded at around 1pm at a cockpit, also in Tak Bai district, injuring three people, including two women who were selling food. In neighbouring Yala province’s Raman district a roadside bomb went off but missed the target as a group of soldiers on patrol had already passed by. In Pattani’s Yarang district two gunmen on motorcycles shot a husband and wife, Chaiyan Siriwat, 43, and his wife, Sunan Suwan, 43, on the

Pattani-Yala Road

. Killings have taken place on a daily basis since the beginning of 2004, and more than 2,000 people have been murdered so far as the government struggles to contain the violence. Intelligence agencies issued a warning of a possible major incident today as militants might create trouble to commemorate the bloody uprising on April 28, 2004 when 32 militants were killed at the historic mosque of Krue Se. In Bangkok Army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin said there would be no major incident today as the uprising was “not important” for the insurgency movement. Many militants “used only knives” to fight with well-equipped soldiers.  

Tunjuk perasaan di bendang setar

April 27, 2007


Satu demonstrasi besar2an telah diadakan oleh rakyat bendang setar bagi mendesak supaya perintah berkurung di tanah puteh ditarik balik.Ini berikutan kesusahan yang sedang dialami oleh penduduk kampong tersebut.Penunjuk2 perasan yang termasuk kanak2 dan wanita telah membawa sepandok dan membuat sekatan jalanraya betong- jala. Beberapa jam kemudian mereka bersurai satelah tiada pihak yang pergi berunding.

11 soldiers injured in ambush in Pattani

April 26, 2007

Pattani – Eleven soldiers were injured, two severely, when they were ambushed by Muslim insurgents Wednesday night, police said.

The ambush by bomb and gun attack happened at 9:30 pm on the Tali-ice-Ratapanyung Road in Tambon Tali-ice of Yaring district.

Police said the 11 soldiers were patrolling the area in a military personnel carrier and on two motorcycles when the insurgents detonated a bomb.

Following the explosion, the insurgents bombarded the soldiers with gunfire for five minutes before retreating.

The injured soldiers were rushed to the Yaring hospital.

Thailand to boost troops in restive Patani

April 26, 2007

Wednesday April 25, 11:47 PM

Photo: AFP

BANGKOK (AFP) – Thailand’s army-backed government said Wednesday it will reinforce troops and police in the country’s Muslim-majority patani in a bid to rein in a long-running insurgency.”The army commander (General Sonthi Boonyaratglin) told me we need to reinforce the military in order to better protect innocent lives and property,” Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont told reporters.

He said the government would also send 1,000 extra police officers to the region, as the force was currently understaffed.

Some 30,000 troops are stationed in three restive provinces along the southern border with Malaysia, but Surayud, a former general, declined to say how many more will be deployed.

The English-daily Bangkok Post said Wednesday the army would send an extra 15,000 soldiers to the south.

Major General Chamlong Khunsong, southern army chief of staff, said the new troops would be deployed on major highways — a common site of insurgent attacks — and in other high risk areas such as the jungle.

He said the southern army was currently drawing up a plan for the deployment of fresh troops in the region, and would soon submit their proposal stating how many more soldiers were needed.

“Both the prime minister and the army chief support the plan,” he told AFP.

More than 2,100 people have been killed in three years of unrest in the southern provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani on the border with Malaysia.

Surayud’s government, which came to power after a Sonthi led coup in September, launched a series of peace efforts, including an apology to Muslims over past abuses, in a bid to quell the insurgency.

But violence has escalated in the past six months with near-daily bombing and shooting attacks.

In the latest unrest a Buddhist man was shot dead by suspected rebels in a drive-by shooting Wednesday in Pattani.

The three troubled provinces were once an independance sultanate, until the region was annexed by mainly Buddhist Thailand a century ago. Separatist unrest has erupted periodically ever since

Perundingan otonomi di jeddah?

April 26, 2007


Satu sumber dari Bangkok melapurkan bahawa beberapa pihak dari parti2 yang sedang berjuang menuntut kemerdekaan Patani dari  Thailand telah bersetuju untuk hadhir ka perbincangan pada bulan mei di kota Jeddah Arab Saudi.

Mengikut sumber ini di faham kan tajuk perbincangan adalah pemberian kuasa otonomi oleh penjajah Thai kapada rakyat Patani.Mereka yang sanggup hadhir ini terdiri dari kesemua gabungan parti yang bersekutu dalam kumpulan BERSATU yang pernah di ketuai oleh Dr Wan Kadir.

Perjumpaan kali ini di jangka akan menjadikan Malaysia dan Arab Saudi sabagai orang tengah.Perjumpaan untuk mendapat kan kuasa otonomi ini telah lama di perjuangkan oleh faksi wan kadir dalam kumpulan bersatu.Idea kumpulan ini mendapat restu dan sokongan kuat dan galakan dari Dr M dan Kuala Lumpur.

Pada tahun 2006 mantan PM Malaysia  Dr Mahathir Muhammad telah cuba memaksa pihak pejuang2 dengan memanggil sabahagian mereka ka Langkawi bagi menanda tangani satu memorandum kapada pemerentah Thai.Memorandum yang di karang oleh Dr M itu mengandungi permintaan dari pejuang2 untuk mendapat keampunan tanpa mahu menuntut kemerdekaaan atau otonomi.Kandungan memorandum itu juga menuntut taat setia kapada Raja Budha Thai tanpa berbelah bagi.Dr Mahathir dan keluarganya terutama Mukhriz mempunyai banyak kepentigan pelaburan di bumi Patani termasuk memiliki beberapa ratus hektar tanah.